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Looking for local NetSuite Services in Chicago? There’s nothing like being able to sit across a table and discuss your needs, hopes, and difficulties with NetSuite or any other system. Admittedly, I do most of my work remotely, but there are times when it is nice to be on-site working directly with end users to solve their issues.


NetSuite Home Chicago


Get it? As in, Sweet Home Chicago? It’s basically Chicago’s anthem, and I’m proud to call this city home. I digress…


I’m a one-man band for now, focusing on working with a small, select group of clients at a time.  My base is in Arlington Heights, IL – about 30 minutes outside of Chicago – which allows me to easily serve Chicago, Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin.


Throughout the Midwest, I have worked with clients in Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and beyond. There may not be the same level of service in smaller midwestern cities as Chicago NetSuite Services. But that’s what I’m here for. I am well-versed in how midwestern businesses operate, and from my experience, it’s different than what you may find on the East and West coasts. It’s hard to explain it, but the difference is there.


Of course, this is just local travel, which allows me to be on-site more readily. Some clients need that – especially those in the midst of an implementation. Other clients, though, may simply need some custom scripting, report writing, or other needs that don’t require as much on-site time (if any at all). Some of my longest clients are ones that I have never actually met in person. Thanks to the screen-sharing and video conferencing software I employ, we can have productive meetings from anywhere.


SMB Ally: The choice for NetSuite services in Chicago


I could ramble on, but the rest of the site covers this topic pretty well. Instead, why choose someone local to the Chicago area? With my services, you get the best of both worlds. As a local Chicago NetSuite consultant, I can act like an extension to your company. Larger firms can definitely offer more people to throw at a problem, but that comes with a price: individualized service. With turnover and multiple layers of support (from project managers, to consultants, to developers), it begins to feel like you’re speaking with someone different every time you call. When you call my number, you will always reach me directly. It’s like having your own on-staff NetSuite help.


For many of my clients, they found themselves of a NetSuite Administrator or Developer, but did not need someone full-time. From my experience, unless you have 100-200 users or more with a lot of custom needs, you will not need a full-time NetSuite Developer within 6 months after go-live. Prior to becoming a consultant, I worked as an on-staff admin, and I can tell you that it just isn’t a need. So why hire someone with a lofty IT salary, plus benefits, taxes, insurance, etc. – only to realize you can’t fill a 40-hour week for them?


So the next logical step that most take is to start contacting consulting firms – which is a very viable solution. Again, I mentioned the lack of personal service that sometimes comes with larger firms, but what shocks many is that first invoice. For many, the annual cost of working with larger firms is as much as hiring a junior NetSuite Developer. Even if they spent half their week on YouTube, you would still be better off.


So a full-time staff member has a reasonable hourly rate, but the cost skyrockets if you cannot fill their time. With consulting firms, you only pay for the hours you need, but at a much higher cost per hour. And that’s where I come in… with lower rates per hour, and you only pay for the hours you need. I cost more than a normal employee per hour due to expenses, but the overall cost savings is greater than either of the other two options.


What Next?


Simple. Use the forms on this site to contact me for more information.

Chad Torgerson

Chad Torgerson is the wizard behind the curtain at SMB Ally. He is a husband, father to 4 kids, an Iraq War veteran, and a nerd that is well-versed in a number of technologies (primarily NetSuite).

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