NetSuite Scripting Options

SMB Ally has years of experience creating custom solutions to help tailor NetSuite systems to SMB businesses’ needs. There are two primary options:

  • NetSuite SuiteScript
  • NetSuite SuiteFlow

Knowing when to use each solution is just as important as having the technical knowledge to make it happen. SMB Ally has the expertise to guide you in the right direction.


SuiteFlow (NetSuite Workflows)

NetSuite SuiteFlow is a way to develop custom actions within NetSuite without using a line of code. It is built completely within NetSuite’s interface and can often be the answer for simple tasks.


SMB Ally’s first goal is to always leverage SuiteFlow first. It is not as robust as using SuiteScript, but it should handle NetSuite’s routine updates with less problems. Be wary of anyone whose first recommendation is scripting. SMB Ally loves using SuiteScript because of its power, but like any powerful tool, it must be used cautiously.


SuiteScript (NetSuite Scripting)

SuiteScript is basically an extension of the JavaScript language that is common on the web today. As a web-based technology, it is a great way to extend NetSuite’s standard functions.

When a standard SuiteFlow just won’t do the trick, extend the functionality of your system with SuiteScript. Used correctly, SuiteScript can help make NetSuite better suit your individual needs.

Learn how custom SuiteScript can help:

Automate Processes

Custom scripts can help automate everyday processes and streamline your system's functionality

Enhance Functionality

Use code to go beyond native NetSuite functionality to better match your needs and requirements

Improved Interface

Make your NetSuite user interface easier and faster for your employees to use