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Finding the right remote NetSuite support and development partner can be tricky. Balancing between top-level support and managing costs can be difficult. Let me share why SMB Ally may be the right answer.


Is remote NetSuite support right for your business?


The first question many businesses face is whether to find someone locally or look to someone willing to routinely travel on-site to meet their needs. There’s this warm and fuzzy feeling you get by having your NetSuite support person or team right in the building with you. I get it. It makes sense, at first, but does the extra cost justify the warm and fuzzy feeling?


In some way, shape, or form, there is almost always a cost to having someone providing your NetSuite support on-site. Many firms charge extra fees for travel, higher rates per hour, or any number of other expenses that come up. Justifiably so. Even local gigs have a “cost” for me as a consultant, so to not lose money, consultants have to make up for the difference somewhere. And for those in smaller towns and cities without a great deal of local support, flying in consultants to the office can get very expensive, very quickly.


Of course, some firms (myself included), do not charge anything extra for local visits. If I’m within a reasonable commuting distance of your business, there won’t be any extra fees. But when I get there for our scheduled 8-hour day, will you fill those 8 hours? Sometimes, especially for special projects, code launches, etc., this can be done, but I’ve been a part of many on-site cram days where a client tries to fill as much of my day as possible to get the most for the expense, but it is hard to fill that many hours consistently. Often times, a blended approach can work well (more on that in a bit).


Can remote NetSuite support compare to on-site service?


Yes. It absolutely can. With the advances in today’s technology, it actually seems silly to worry so much about being in the same physical room as someone. I employ a screen-sharing and tele/video-conferencing solution that allows me to see what you see on the screen. We can walk through virtually anything in NetSuite with a pretty quick setup.


In some ways, I have found that focusing on remote support – even for my local Chicago clients – allows me to offer better service to all of them. If I am constantly tied up on-site with one client or another, then I am not available to support my other clients. By being available from my office most of the time, I can quickly respond to any potential issues that come up. I can take a meeting at a moment’s notice. Whatever the need, I am available.


A blended approach to remote NetSuite support


What if you could have your cake and eat it too? For many clients, I take the blended approach of focusing on remote NetSuite support with the option of coming on-site when the need arises. Do your users need hands-on training? I’ll be there. Do we need to walk through your manual processes to match them up with NetSuite? I’ll be there. Are you about to go-live and want someone there in case of a disaster? I’ll be there. Otherwise, I’m just a phone call away.


In the beginning, it can be helpful for me to spend a day or two walking in your shoes. From the accountant’s desk to the shipping line, it helps to see what actual, physical processes you are using. That mental picture will serve me well. But at the same time, I have clients that I have never met in person, yet we have found ways to share information, ideas, and solve problems together.


Instead of cramming one day full of meetings – tying both of our schedules up for an entire day – we can meet when it fits your schedule – remotely. We can conference in team members from around the country and all see the same screen (mine or yours). We can draw up a plan, and I can get to work. It’s fast, easy, and will cost less. And when the need arises, I’ll be there on-site when we are ready to kick things off.

Chad Torgerson

Chad Torgerson is the wizard behind the curtain at SMB Ally. He is a husband, father to 4 kids, an Iraq War veteran, and a nerd that is well-versed in a number of technologies (primarily NetSuite).

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