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There is little value in publishing a blog if the material is not worth reading. Each post needs to offer something to the reader, and it is up to the writer, author, or publisher to dig into their knowledge base to give the reader what they are looking for.


What can the SMB Ally Blog offer you?


That depends. Do you use NetSuite? If so, I hope that you will follow along. As a skilled NetSuite Admin, I hope that I can share some basic tips and tricks that will save you a call to NetSuite’s customer support or an expensive fee from your consulting team. Many issues can be solved without an extensive technical background – you just need to know where to begin.


On a side note: if you do not use NetSuite, thanks for stopping by. The support from family, friends, former co-workers, and my LinkedIn connections has been fantastic. This blog might get a little nerdy now, but I appreciate your support!


Back to the topic at hand: this blog. Before you can find any real value in the content, you have to believe that I am a trusted source. So…


Who is SMB Ally?


Well, you could swing over to the About page, but I will save you a trip. My name is Chad Torgerson, and in February 2016, I decided to go from working for a consulting firm to starting SMB Ally – a business focused on NetSuite Admin OnDemand services.


After years of working as a NetSuite Admin (primarily in distribution / light manufacturing companies), I was approached in March 2015 to join a local consulting firm. The work was intense but fun. I enjoyed managing multiple projects and systems at once. Unfortunately, I missed being able to nurture and focus on getting the most out of a given system. With my days going in so many directions, there was little time to dive deeper into a company’s needs and help them grow and improve NetSuite.


That’s where SMB Ally comes in. Instead of taking on every project that comes across my desk, my goal is to have a small, core group of clients that I do part-time NetSuite Admin work for. Most small to medium (SMB) NetSuite users DO NOT NEED (nor can afford) to have a full-time NetSuite Admin. But by adding me as their ally in business, they can have the benefit of a dedicated NetSuite Admin without the cost and expense of hiring a full-time employee.


Service when you need it - savings when you don't.


It’s a unique idea. Other firms may offer something similar, but from firsthand experience, I can tell you that you may be bounced from one analyst to another as they each juggle multiple customers, projects, and implementations at the same time. With SMB Ally, you can expect personalized service from someone who knows your system. There’s nothing more frustrating that needing immediate support only to reach a tech support person that knows very little about you, your company, or your NetSuite system.


SMB Ally is the solution to that problem.


The mission of SMB Ally is to become your resource for all of your NetSuite administration needs. Need a custom report? Done. Need to troubleshoot financial errors? On it. Need some custom scripting? Let’s discuss. But I won’t just wait for your requests – I will proactively makes suggestions on how to improve your NetSuite system, just as your own NetSuite Admin would do. The key word: PROACTIVE.


What will this blog be about?


The main site tells you enough about what I do as SMB Ally, and you have spent the last few minutes (gracefully) taking the time to read more about what I can offer. Now, you want to know why you would come back again. It’s simple: FREE stuff.


No, I’m not going to try and entice you with silly free giveaways of junk you don’t need. Instead, my plan is to give you as much free knowledge about NetSuite as I can. From basic tips to common mistakes, I want to help you better utilize your NetSuite system.


“But isn’t that taking work away from yourself?” you ask.


Not really. I’m looking at the big picture. I don’t care about charging you to help reset a password. I don’t want to make money by re-naming an out-of-the-box report. I want to arm you with the basic tools you need to take on NetSuite yourself and come in to help with the more advanced work. We are allies with the same mission: your success. When you succeed, I will naturally succeed with you.


I hope this introductory post gave you a bit of insight into both this blog and my philosophy as business owner / service provider. Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope that we can work together in the future. To learn more, contact me today!

Chad Torgerson

Chad Torgerson is the wizard behind the curtain at SMB Ally. He is a husband, father to 4 kids, an Iraq War veteran, and a nerd that is well-versed in a number of technologies (primarily NetSuite).


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